Legacy 2018

An Evening of Story and Prayer

Ann Blanchard
Josh Nelson
Dan and Peggy Rupple join HPN's Karen Covell in prayer before the event.
Edwina Findley Dickerson and Kelvin Dickerson
Many of the guests stayed after the event to pray together.
Presenters prayed and shared stories about God's faithfulness in their careers and lives.
Steve Williams
Dan Rupple and Karen Covell, Founder of Hollywood Prayer Network, welcome almost 500 Media professionals.
Virginia Tucker
Monica Macer


Media professionals and guests filled the CBS Studio Center soundstage.
Singer Amick Byram ("The Prince of Egypt") and his wife, actress Cassie Byram, with Dan and Peggy Rupple.
Guests enjoyed an elegant appetizer and dessert buffet.
Marcie Gold, award presenter for honoree Martha Williamson
Karen Covell, Terry Botwick (honoree), Martha Williamson (honoree), and Dan and Peggy Rupple
Garland Hunt led guests in praying for their careers.
Bart Gavigan, award presenter for honoree Terry Botwick
Rebecca Ver Straten-McSparren prayed for strength and health.
Brandon Stoltz, presenter for honoree Merlinda Balmas
Honoree: Merlinda Balmas
Honorees: Steve and Christina Lee Storm
Kim Dorr-Tilley led in prayer for marriage and family.
Honorees: David and Jessica Oyelowo