Hollywood’s Big Night

Hollywood’s Big Night . . . the Red Carpet . . . and Prayer?


A culture-changing movement of prayer is building within the body of Christ . . . and you and your church are invited to take the lead in your community!

On Sunday, March 4, when the Academy Awards® are presented and the world turns their eyes on Hollywood, churches nationwide will be focusing their prayers on the world of entertainment .

Hollywood’s Big Night is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to come together and touch the lives of media’s most influential . . . through prayers that uplift, inspire, and express God’s love and grace.

And your church family can be part of this dynamic movement of prayer for the entertainment industry! Tens of thousands of prayers will be offered during Sunday morning and evening services and Sunday school classes on that day. Imagine what God might do when the Church passionately prays for media!

March 4, 2018, could be your church’s biggest day of prayer ever for media, Hollywood, all the awards nominees, and the arts and media professionals in your congregation.

As Mastermedia’s Media Leader Prayer Calendar states, “Our responsibility is to pray for these leaders. Theirs is to decide whether or not to allow Him to work in and through them for great, pure, and noble purposes.”

Hollywood’s Big Night is coming—and the Body of Christ will be mobilized to pray. Be a catalyst for passionate prayer in your community!

Watch the video below to see how Pastor Dudley Rutherford led Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California, to pray for Hollywood during a previous Academy Awards® Sunday. 

The phrases Oscar®, Oscars®, Academy Award®, and Academy Awards® are all copyrighted property and registered trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

The phrases Oscar®, Oscars®, Academy Award®, and Academy Awards® are all copyrighted property and registered trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Organize a Prayer Event



Sunday, March 4, 2018!

  • Ask your pastor and church leadership how to make prayer for the media a priority in your church for Hollywood’s Big Night in 2018 and every year.     ____________________________________________                       ___________________
  • Insert the Media Leader Prayer Calendar or the 7 Prayers for Hollywood’s Big Night cards in the church bulletin to help your church family understand the importance and power of joining with other churches nationwide to pray for media.                                                                             _______________                      _________________________________
  • Have a brief time of prayer for all the awards nominees and other media leaders in your worship service, Sunday school, youth group, or adult education classes.  ________________________________________________
  • Ask your pastor to speak on how prayer can bring about spiritual rebirth in the lives of media leaders, which will result in changed media product.   __  _________________________________________________________________________________
  • Ask a prominent Christian media professional (or two) from your community to give personal testimony to the need for prayer and a spiritual awakening in media.       __________________________________________________
  • Have attendees in your congregation who work in, have retired from, or who are students preparing to enter media professions to stand up or come forward in the service to receive a prayer of “commissioning” to take the light of Christ into their media worlds.                                                      ____________                                _________________________________
  • Tell church members how they can give free The Master Plan Bibles—custom-designed for media professionals—to non-Christians in media (available through Mastermedia International at info@mastermediaintl.org).     ______                                                                             _______    _____    _______________________________________
  • Ask local radio and/or television stations to announce that there will be nationwide prayer for media on the Sunday of Hollywood’s Big Night as a public service announcement.    ________________________________________________________________
  • Encourage local clergy groups to be involved in the prayer effort.  ___________________________________________________
  • Ask God for other ways to promote this special day of prayer for media in other churches in your community and in local media._   _____________________________________________________________________ _________   _________ ________________________________
  • Download the 7 Prayers for Hollywood’s Big Night card and print copies for yourself, for bulletin inserts or for church service/Sunday School prayer guides. This is the simplest, easiest way to encourage personal and corporate prayer for Hollywood’s Big Night!  ________________________   _____   _______________________________________________________________
  • Order copies of the 7 Prayers for Hollywood’s Big Night card or the Media Leader Prayer Calendar as a bulletin insert, for distribution, or for pickup before and after the service.

The calendars are 17 cents each and the cards are 10 cents each.  Postage and handling are paid for by Mastermedia International. To order:

1. Let us know how many by email (info@mastermediaintl.org) and pay online for calendars and/or cards.

2. You may also send a check with your order to Mastermedia International, 330 Sixth Street, Ste. 110, Redlands, CA  92374. 

3. Call 1-800-552-1248, x10 (8am to 5pm PST, M-F).

4. Large orders (more than 100) must be placed by January 25, 2018.


The phrases Oscar®, Oscars®, Academy Award®, and Academy Awards® are all copyrighted property and registered trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

How to Pray for Media . . . Every Day 

Make sure you are receiving the quarterly Media Leader Prayer Calendar by mail.

Sign up to pray and get a daily email with two of media’s most influential leaders from the Media Leader Prayer Calendar.

Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN), is another strategic Hollywood prayer ministry. It is an opportunity to be involved in a movement of prayer for media individuals and projects through local chapters and one-on-one prayer partnerships.  Find out more at www.hollywoodprayernetwork.org.

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