About Us

A focus on media. Since its founding in 1985, Mastermedia has grown into an international organization that facilitates relationships between media leaders and the Christian community at large. Its purpose is to be a positive–and even redemptive–influence in entertainment by touching the lives of media gatekeepers and mobilizing a global prayer effort for them.

Among other services, Mastermedia provides consultation, research, and one-to-one counsel to media leaders to help create a deeper understanding of the Christian faith as well as the Christian community as a market for media product. Mastermedia’s clients include decision-makers within ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Paramount, Time Warner, AT&T, Hearst Corporation, MTV, HBO, AMC, Hallmark Channel, CNN, Fox News, and ESPN.

Read about the 30-year history and impact of Mastermedia as we celebrate our new milestone and plan ahead of the next 30 years of serving media.


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